The radical left and their friends in the media are in complete meltdown over Florida’s Legislative Session. They claim that the session was about “Culture Wars” and believe, “The best thing the Florida Legislature did was adjourn.” Why has the media been so horrified? It is simply because an increasingly red state is governing conservatively.

Florida has led the nation during Covid by choosing to be open and allowing residents personal freedom from mask and vaccine mandates. These policies were so popular that lockdown Democratic leaders decided to vacation in Florida while leaving their destructive policies in place in their states. Now, facing universally high unapproval, they are now dropping their own mandates.

During this legislative session, Republicans led the way with record tax breaks, bonuses for our law enforcement officers, greater election integrity, protecting human life, and protecting parents’ rights regarding education from grades K-3.

The left and its allies couldn’t honestly argue against this kind of agenda that is popular with the voters of Florida, so they had to invent reasons to oppose the policies. If you read the social media of democratic members, you would think there was legislation to prevent the term “gay” or to forbid the teaching of race in classrooms. None of this was true, and this misinformation was used to try to oppose the idea that parents, not teachers and bureaucrats, should guide what students learn in their classrooms.

All of this led Steve Bousquet with the Sun-Sentinel to title an editorial “Living in a Florida we no longer recognize.” Maybe, Mr. Bousquet is right that Florida is changing. But, those changes are for the better, with thousands and thousands of people fleeing to Florida because of the freedom and policies that are being implemented in the Free State of Florida. These successes have allowed over ten counties to flip from Democrat to Republican in the last several years. Now, for the first time, Republicans outnumber registered Democrats in the Sunshine State.

As we saw in Virginia last November with the election of Governor Youngkin and in recent polling from across the nation, voters are growing tired of the overreach of their government in implementing mandates and control over their children in Public Schools. Unfortunately, as the voters reject the government overreach, the Democrats are being forced to create their own fake reality by labeling every policy as a culture war, racist policy, or discrimination. Voters should be on the lookout for these false claims and be prepared to fight back.

Luckily, we have leaders like Governor Ron DeSantis, who has not backed down from the attacks from the far left and their friends in the media. Instead, he stepped up and took on the mischaracterizations and lies head-on. In his speeches, Governor DeSantis likes to say, “I have only begun to fight.” The People of Florida should join in him that fight. 

Republicans, independents, and even Democrats who see the threat of the government’s attempt to control every aspect of their lives need to join the fight to hold these leaders accountable. Florida has become the model for freedom in America. This November, we have a chance to send a strong message that Florida stands for freedom by re-electing Governor DeSantis and our Republican Team and rejecting the contrived narratives of the Democrats and the media.