President Trump’s big week

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Week after week, the Democrats have been attacking President Donald Trump. It almost feels like a scandal a day has tried to be forced on the American people by Democrats and their friends in the media. On just the impeachment sham, the democrats wasted millions of taxpayer dollars over 178 legislative days and more than 146 hours debating. Despite all the wasted time and tax dollars, the President was fully acquitted by the Senate.

The Democrats and the media were focused on impeaching President Trump since the election results were announced in 2016. While they were distracted, the President has been delivering for the American people. Unemployment is at record lows, while wage growth is at historic highs. The American family is keeping more in their paychecks. This has resulted in seventy percent growth in our stock markets, which is a win for any American with a 401K or IRA. Gallup reports Americans confidence in their economy is the highest in two decades. The President has delivered a trade agreement that will spur further economic growth with the US international trade commission estimating our GDP will grow by 68.2 billion dollars. He has done this while also delivering historic Tax Reform, criminal justice reform, and a record number of conservative judges that will transform our court system for the better for a generation to come.

The President got the opportunity to present this exceptional record over the past three years directly to the American people on Tuesday night during the State of the Union. That speech by many accounts is one of the better State of the Union addresses to be delivered. Without the filter of the media, the President was able to make effectively his opening statement on why he should be re-elected. The speech worked, with CBS reporting that seventy-six percent of those polls approved of the speech that President Trump delivered.

Meanwhile, Democrats could not even run a caucus to start the process of finding a nominee to run against President Trump. Days after the election, the results seem unclear, and the Democratic National Committee has asked them to re-look at their numbers. The fact that the Democratic Party cannot run a caucus but want to run the country should not be lost on the American voters.

The Democrats, even faced with the full acquittal of the President, seem to be concocting new ideas for investigations. They seem not to understand that the American people are ready to move on, and they want their elected officials to get back to working for them. The voters should remember these Democrat actions in November and return substantial Republican gains so the words of the President that “the best is yet to come” can be fulfilled.